The poor dog was abused by the attacker and locked in a pigpen with a broken back.


Nancy the Doberman was abused by her assailant and ended up in a pigsty with a fractured back, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The monster knows that no bones will be found in the empty landfill for a wasted dog, and she will succumb to her injuries. But Nancy’s chances of survival were bleak.

Nancy became immobilized as a result of the assault she received, yet she began crawling through the pigsty’s cracked glass and essence shards. She was swollen and had gashes in her eyes, but she refused to give up. Fortunately, someone discovered her and transported her to the sanitarium, where she pleaded for her life.


We observe Nancy’s traumatic period at the sanitarium as she attempts to come to grips with her crippled status in this videotape.

Nancy’s movements are greatly hampered as the stagers do delicate surgery on her injured chine.

In fact, her back legs did not move at all. Her caregivers make the decision to transport her to a rehabilitation clinic where she may receive more therapy.

With nonstop water remedy, massages, and routine exercise.

Still, her back legs were still substantially unresponsive. The saviors did not want the sweet girl to suffer much, so they got her a wheelchair that enabled her to play and fraternize with other deliverance tykes!

Her hind legs had already began to move, and she could now move without the use of a wheelchair!

Throughout her therapy, Nancy has been a true soldier. We hope she recovers well and gets a forever home!