The Puppy Was Shoved Out The Door, Sitting In The Pouring Rain And Crying Bitterly


A tiny puppy was born into a home that saw him as a burden. The innocent puppy’s life was off to a rocky start.

One day, the puppy was tossed out of the door. Cold and trembling, he wandered the unfamiliar streets, searching for food and shelter.

Defenseless and small, the puppy was too young to compete with the other strays that roamed the streets. The poor puppy’s hunger gnawed at his tiny belly, and fear filled his innocent eyes.

As the rain began to pour down, his cries for help became more desperate.

Meanwhile, Ethan, a teenager with a heart of gold, was walking home from school when he heard tiny whimpers. He followed the little cries and saw a ball of fur huddled on the sidewalk.

The puppy looked at Ethan, pleading for his help. Ethan picked up the puppy and shielded him from the rain.


Ethan, with the puppy in tow, rushed back home. He wasn’t sure if his parents would take the puppy in, but he had to try to convince them.


When he walked through the front door and presented the puppy, his parents felt sorry for the puppy, too.

Ethan explained where he had found the poor little soul and expressed that he wanted to give him a forever home.

Ethan’s parents, who also had big, loving hearts, agreed to take the puppy in. Thankfully, the puppy was now safe and warm.

They fed him and then took him to the local animal clinic. He received a clean bill of health. The family was overjoyed, knowing fate had intervened on that cold, rainy day.

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