Tiny dog survives having 5cm nail rammed into skull and brain by 12-year-old boy


A disgusting video shows the state of a poor dog found alive with a nail lodged into its skull after a 12-year-old boy launched a vicious attack.

The poor mutt is now fighting for its life and vets decided to leave the 5cm nail inside because it is not possible to remove it until the animal’s health improves.

In the video, the dog is comforted on its way to the vet and is looked after as they try to help it recover.

The nail is still poking out the top of its skull and a woman strokes the poor dog’s face as it sleeps.

Kaja, a female dog, was found in the city of Novi Sad in Vojvodina, Serbia, by volunteers from the Association for Animal Protection of Novi Sad.

The volunteers went to the scene after receiving information about the pooch from an unnamed female resident and the critically ill animal was taken to a vet.

Pictures show the head of a nail in the dog’s skull and an x-ray shows how the nail went through the poor animal’s cranium and into its brain.


Vets discovered the 10-year-old dog had been microchipped and they contacted its female owner.

The owner said the dog had gone out the day before the incident but they had expected it to return eventually and claimed it was not unusual for the pooch to leave the house alone.


The volunteers wrote: “We talked with the vets, Kaja is receiving medicine and infusion, her condition is slightly better but it is still early for any prognosis.

“The owners were with her and she reacted to them, she opened her eyes briefly, she is now sleeping on her owner’s t-shirt.”

Kaja is still “not stable enough for surgery”, the animal rescue organisation added.

The volunteers said: “They are giving her a combination of medicines these few days and monitoring her condition.

“She will only then have surgery if her condition improves, but so far there are no major changes.”

The case was reported to the police and they are said to have found the suspect, an unnamed 12-year-old boy.

Police talked to him and his guardian – his grandmother – and he was released as he is not yet over the age of criminal responsibility and is still a minor.