Touching Moment Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Mother After Being Saved


Dogs are, without question, the most loyal creatures on Earth.
Their unconditional love and loyalty have been proved once again by a photo that recently won the internet; a service dog refusing to leave her mom’s hospital room.

This special connection started when Shauna Darcy decided that a dog could help her in her endless fight with anxiety, turns out she wasn’t wrong at all.

With Ruby, there was love at first sight, and this lovely pup proved to be more than just a service dog.

Without realizing, when Shauna got Ruby, she won a friend, a true friend!
“While she was training to be a service dog I noticed that she started picking up on changes in my heart rate and would act funny,” Shauna told.

“For example, paw at me, try to get my attention, get on top of me [and other stuff like that].”

In other terms, Ruby is more like a guardian angel for Shauna.

She’s there for her mom, every single moment, her daily routine includes monitoring Shauna’s blood pressure and heart rate, especially since she also suffers from a rare heart condition called vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

More than that, this special dog also helps her human companion during her panic attacks, she carries groceries or picks dropped items.


“When I pass out she gets on top of me and applies all her pressure on me and licks my hands and face until I come around.”

About a week ago, Ruby started alerting her mom that somethings wrong but Darcy felt fine and had no idea why Ruby was acting like this.

Trusting Ruby fully, she decided to call an ambulance anyway, turns out it was the right move.

“It turns out my heart was going into atrial fibrillation,” she said. “By the time the paramedics came, I was in pain and barely conscious.”

Ruby had saved Shauna’s life!
Thanks to her loyal and special dog, Shauna is able to breath again.

Ruby’s loyalty did not stop there, she refused to leave her mom’s side all the while she was in hospital.

Shauna believed that it was the special bond between her and Ruby which is what actually saved her life.

“I wouldn’t be alive without her,” she said. What a beautiful story!