Unexpected Treatment Results Of A Cancer Patient After Being Loved By A Pet Dog


Every dog parent knows that quality time with your dog is the best medicine. Whether you’re sick, sad, or exhausted, petting and cuddling your pup can instantly lift your spirits. It’s not just the opinion of a bunch of dog lovers either, many doctors have even observed this themselves.

This theory became especially clear when cancer patient Flavio Santos was missing his beloved dog, Agadir. So, the staff arranged for Agadir to visit his dad, and the response was even more amazing than anyone could’ve predicted.

Agadir’s Surprise Visit

Santos had been at the Hospital Memorial São José for weeks, and it was beginning to drive him insane. He couldn’t leave because he was still going through cancer treatments. The nurses could tell that the situation was hard on Santos, so they planned a surprise visit for him.

The hospital staff arranged for Agadir to come to the hospital to surprise Santos. When the day finally came, it was the most beautiful reunion ever. Both Agadir and Santos were overjoyed to see each other again after such a long time apart.

Without hesitation, Agadir jumped right up on his dad’s lap and showered him with kisses. Santos was so happy that he cried tears of joy. Agadir is such a loyal family member to him, so Santos was happy to be reunited with the pup again. For both Santos and Agadir, it was the best day since Santos was admitted into the hospital.


However, the staff soon learned that this was more than just an emotional visit. They witnessed proof that dogs make our lives better.

Dogs are the Best Medicine

After Santos spent some quality time with his little dog, doctors noticed changes in his health. His overall outlook suddenly seemed better than predicted. The only change in his routine had been meeting with Agadir.

Dr. Rodrigo Tancredi said that Santos began talking more, and he seemed more conscious and oriented. It was all because his dog had helped lift his spirits. The doctor said that from what he has observed working in the medical field, dogs really do have psychological and physical benefits for humans.

“We visibly noticed his improvement the other day. The improvement occurred in a gradual way and remains,” said Dr. Tancredi.

After Agadir’s visit, the doctors think that Santos will be able to leave the hospital sooner than planned. This was their first time allowing a dog to visit, but because of the positive results, it’s likely that they’ll allow more dogs in the future. Hopefully, Santos will have a quick recovery so he can be with Agadir again very soon!