Unexpectedly Hero Dog Saves Car From Flood Water After Heavy Rain


A brave dog helped his owner push a car out of heavy flooding after a thunderstorm hit Glasgow – and managed to save two women’s lives in the process. Springer spaniel Puck has been hailed a hero after coming to his owner’s aid as she struggled to push the women out of harm’s way.

In the clip, originally shared in 2021, owner Lori Gillies is seen wading up to the vehicle, thought to be a Volkswagen Estate, before being joined by her determined dog. As she begins to push, Puck soon helps by putting his two front paws on the back of the car and joining in.

The vehicle eventually begins to move thanks to the tremendous effort of train driver Lori and her hero sidekick.


Speaking at the time, Lori told Daily Record : “Puck and I were out on our usual walk and there was a car that was stuck in the water.

“There were two women inside and I went down to give them a hand.


“We’ve never really had flooding as bad as that there.

“Puck was just swimming next to me and I took my phone out to video him and then he started pushing it.

“Once the handbrake was off it was just a quick push or two and then it started rolling.”

She said her hero pooch was rewarded with a special dinner of meat with gravy and some biscuits.

The clip has resurfaced online as user share their amazement over the dog’s heroic actions, saying: “We don’t deserve dogs “.

One user said: “At the beginning of the video, you can see the dog swimming safely behind the vehicle. I’m sure the dog was following the lead of his human friend.”

While another user joked: “I think Puck was doing all the pushing there.”

A third user added: “This is beautiful. We don’t deserve dogs. Flooding aside, what a beautiful moment in time.”