Vets remove lead trailing from dog’s bum after he ate it whole


A greedy Labrador left vets shocked after he walked into their surgery with more than a metre of lead hanging out of his bum after swallowing it whole.

Owner Vanessa Waters couldn’t believe it when she realised her chocolate lab Stanley had devoured his entire lead – including the metal clasp – on Boxing Day and rushed him to the vets.

Initially vets at Brookfield Vets in Hereford, Herefordshire, tried to remove it with pain relief but it wouldn’t budge.

While Stanley was under anaesthesia they discovered it was ‘totally stuck’, with x-rays revealing the lead had left the poor dog’s small intestine bunched up around it.

Vets carried out exploratory surgery to allow the lead to be fed out as far as possible so they could cut off most of it.

They found the metal clasp in his stomach and a rubber stopper in his large intestine, which had to be ‘milked out’, allowing the rest of the lead to be surgically removed.

Now Stanley is on his way to recovery, owner Vanessa shared his story to make sure dog owners are aware of the risks of their pets indulging themselves too much over Christmas.


Vanessa wrote: ‘I am glad to report that Stanley is back to his usual self, and can’t thank Victoria and her team enough for their skill and care.’

A Brookfield Vets spokesperson said: ‘This time of year we are seeing lots of patients who’ve eaten things they shouldn’t, but dear Stanley took things to a new level on Boxing Day.

‘Stanley’s owner wanted as many dog owners to be aware of what can happen so asked us to share this and we ask you to do the same.

‘The phonecall started with the common phrase ‘my dog has eaten…’ but then continued to inform our duty vet Victoria that his lead was hanging from his bottom.

‘But nothing prepared the Boxing Day team of Victoria, Lottie and Georgia for what was going to present to them. Stanley bounced in with over a metre of lead following behind.

‘We have all been astounded by Stanley’s joie de vivre and amazing recovery – he definitely has won Brookfield’s most dramatic case of 2019.’