Woman Finds Plastic Container On The Lawn And Is Shocked By Who’S Inside


When Amanda Hood saw a clear storage tote resting on the front lawn of her workplace one morning, she didn’t think much of it at first. As Calhoun County Humane Society’s rescue coordinator, she was used to items being dropped off overnight.

“I initially thought it was donations,” Hood told The Dodo. “Until I saw something move.”

Hood walked over to the plastic container to take a closer look. As she got closer, she noticed two small holes drilled into the top of the tote and saw steam collecting on the inside.

Hood carefully removed the lid and was shocked to find not one small animal in the tote, but nearly a dozen tiny puppies.

“There were 11 puppies all squished together in an itty bitty tote,” Hood said.

No one knows exactly how the puppies got there, but Hood thinks they weren’t there for too long before she found them.

“They were probably only there for an hour or so,” Hood said. “Because with those two tiny holes for ventilation, I don’t think they would’ve made it for much longer.”

Hood quickly brought the puppies into the Humane Society for a closer look. The puppies were estimated to be around 5 weeks old and, luckily, all 11 of them were in good condition.


After their initial screening, the tiny family quickly settled into the shelter and started doing all the things that puppies typically do.

“They eat, sleep and like to be held,” Hood said. “They’re the sweetest babies.”

Unfortunately, Calhoun County Humane Society is filled to the brim with rescues, which means they don’t have the space needed to keep the family of puppies.

“There seem to be a lot more animals needing homes than there are people to adopt them here,” Hood said.

To give the pups a better chance at being adopted, the humane society transported them to Forever Home Dog Rescue in Illinois, where they are currently waiting to go into foster care.

Staff members at Calhoun County Humane Society already miss cuddling with the puppies, but they’re happy to know that all 11 of the pups will soon have the loving homes they’ve always deserved.