Wonderful Action Of Veterinarian Helps To Calm Mind Of Dog Severely Burned In The Fire


One day, Taka, the pup, was at his home when it caught fire.
Luckily he managed to escape with his life, but he was severely burnt and taken straight to the Care More Animal Hospital in Martinez, Georgia.

“He had burns around his eyes, mouth, ears, belly,” said Emily Martin, a vet at the hospital.
“We really didn’t know how bad his injuries were initially because we had to worry about inhalation burns.”

“I try to treat my patients in the same way, but his case has pulled the heart out a little more,” Emily said. “When he came in, he was screaming in pain.”

She was in constant contact with Taka’s family who eventually chose to surrender him to Emily’s care due to his bad health.

So she stepped up and not only gave Taka the treatment he needed as a vet but also the love he deserved as his new temporary mother.

Emily would take Taka home when the hospital closed. When they were in the hospital, she regularly joined him for naps so he wouldn’t have to be alone.


Luckily, one of Emily’s co-workers caught the adorable moment on camera.

Emily was taken aback at how gentle Taka is, despite everything he was going through at the time, “Often, when the animals are in pain, they begin to bite. However, he didn’t try to bite once.”

“He’s definitely in a lot of pain, but we’re hoping he’ll be fine,” Martin said.

“He likes belly rubs and loves food, so he’s a pig,” Emily said. “He also likes to hug.“

Emily thought about adopting Taka, but she already has five dogs and a young child at home so admits it may not be the best place for him.

We hope Taka and Emily all the best!